Juveniles Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses: Fallacies, Facts, and Faulty Policy
Volume 88, No. 4, Summer 2016
By Amanda M. Fanniff, Ph.D., Palo Alto University; Alex R. Piquero, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas; Edward P. Mulvey, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Carol A. Schubert, MPH, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; and Anne-Marie R. Iselin, Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Wilmington [PDF]

This Article provides a brief overview of the specialized social control policies applied to juveniles adjudicated for sexual offenses (JSOs), followed by a review of the existing literature regarding whether this population presents unique risk or treatment needs meriting specialized approaches. It concludes that there is little logical justification for current policies.