Write-On Personal Statement

Volume 97 Personal Statement Form

Temple Law Review is dedicated to providing a forum for the expression of new legal thought and scholarly commentary on important developments, trends, and issues in the law. We seek members who are passionate and eager to support this important mission.

In a statement of no more than 250 words, please discuss why you are interested in joining the TLR team and how you will contribute to the continued excellence of the journal.

Temple Law Review models this form after Temple Law’s Sp.A.C.E. statement. We strongly encourage you to tailor your Personal Statement to your law review application, emphasizing the unique perspective you will bring to the law review team.

Applicants should feel encouraged to write about any experience, identity, or viewpoint that they feel would add a unique perspective to the law review team. Applicants may also address a demonstrable intellectual interest in a distinct legal topic that the candidate intends to write about as a TLR Staff Editor.

Among other characteristics, TLR encourages applicants to express how they will add to the diversity of thought of our journal.

Some characteristics that applicants have written about in the past include: possessing a distinct public policy view; overcoming serious long-standing economic deprivation, or coming from working class families historically foreclosed from higher education; experience with families who are recent immigrants to the United States; experience with coming from racial or ethnic minority groups; experience with identifying as LGBTQIA+; experience with serious physical disabilities; demonstration of exceptional leadership ability in college, community or career activities, or a commitment to service through Peace Corps, VISTA, military or other service work; significant or unusual career achievements since graduation from college; and any other unique strengths and accomplishments.