Temple Law Review Print
Volume 89, No. 3, Spring 2017

This Article addresses the question of how to balance society’s aspiration for inclusion against its practical need for exclusion and suggests compromises between inclusion and exclusion that may help make inclusive communities a reality.

By Kenneth A. Stahl [PDF]

This Article challenges the conventional wisdom that insurance policies are standardized contracts, argues that insurance policies do not actually qualify as contracts under the doctrinal and theoretical bases of contract formation, and advocates for a reform of insurance law.

By Christopher C. French [PDF]

This Comment argues that § 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and its implementing regulations are broader and more ambiguous than other administrative laws and regulations that carry criminal penalties.

By Liza B. Fleming [PDF]

This Comment aims to provide a roadmap of the key steps a U.S. court would take if it were to analyze the domestic application of the right to be forgotten, a law which allows citizens of the European Union to petition search engines to remove reputation-damaging links. The Comment recommends that a U.S. court should not enforce Europe’s right to be forgotten, if and when a court faces this decision.

By Leslie E. Minora [PDF]

This Note examines the impact of Tincher v. Omega Flex on evidentiary issues in Pennsylvania defective design products liability litigation, specifically the admission of industry standards and practices evidence to prove or defend against strict liability claims.

By A. Mayer Kohn [PDF]