Temple Law Review Online
Volume 94, Online

Notably, mock trial problems used in other relatively recent competitions have likewise featured bigoted characters using derogatory speech regarding sensitive issues of personal identification, including race. Whether it is appropriate for trial competition problems to address controversial societal issues has emerged as an important topic of discussion within the national trial advocacy community. Students will […]

By Todd A. Berger [PDF]

The root of this disparate treatment can be found in the Internal Revenue Code and U.S. Treasury regulations, which allow a taxpayer to exclude damages from gross income only if they are awarded for “personal physical injury.” Therefore, taxpayers who suffer from and recover damages for mental and emotional distress are required to include those […]

By Virginia Pilgrim [PDF]

In the United States, data privacy protections are largely regulated at the state level. While only California, Nevada, and Maine have passed data privacy laws, a majority of states have introduced data privacy legislation. A state-by-state regulatory system would be extremely costly for multistate corporations forced to comply with potentially fifty unique data privacy laws. […]

By Jason Hirsch [PDF]