Temple Law Review Online
Volume 92, Online

The adversarial system of litigation in many common law countries follows the model of a ritualized battle between opponents. Interspersed throughout the litigation process are inflection points where interpersonal conflict becomes particularly prominent. These conflicts are an integral part of the system’s design—with attorneys each acting independently to fulfill their professional obligation to advocate zealously for disputing clients. How does […]

By Laura E. Little and Rachel L. DiCioccio [PDF]

Private racial profiling is not new, but racially motivated 911 calls are a new method for private citizens to police Black people. Specifically, #LivingWhileBlack refers to the recent increase in 911 calls white people make on Black people who are going about normal daily activities. These everyday activities have included a family eating at Subway, a young girl selling […]

By Chanelle N. Jones [PDF]

This Comment argues that the current administration of copyright laws in the United States creates disincentives for the performance of music from 1925 to 1978. Section II begins with an overview of copyright law in the United States as it relates to sheet music. Section III describes the current state of classical music in the United States, and the […]

By Yunica Jiang [PDF]