Write-On Information

The 2021 Write-on Competition for Volume 94 will open on May 14 at 4 P.M. 
If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to attend the following events (all will be recorded):

Temple Law Review Information Session, 3/31 at 5 p.m.: Recording Available Here

TLR/TICLJ Training Session, 4/7 at 6 p.m.: Recording Available Here

TLR/TICLJ “Real Talk” Session, 4/14 at 6 p.m.: https://temple.zoom.us/j/94894151877 

Temple Law Review will also be hosting a write-on “help desk” every Tuesday in April from 12-1 PM and 6-7 PM: https://temple.zoom.us/j/97076097281

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jason Hirsch at writeoncoord@temple.edu