Health Care Reform, the Law, and Eliminating Disparities
Volume 82, No. 5, Spring-Summer 2010
By Calvin B. Johnson [PDF]

In many ways, the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010 signaled “A New Day for Health Care in America,” but for both practical and political reasons, comprehensive health care reform will not occur overnight. The scope and complexity of the issues and the sheer number of stakeholders limit the likelihood that a single piece of legislation at a single point in time will adequately address all of the clinical, financial, operational, and regulatory needs of our health care system. However, it is clear that the starting place is with the law—legislation will be the vehicle to launch comprehensive health care reform in the United States. While this may seem obvious, the implications for health care disparities, which are a significant cause of increased costs in our system and the result of many of the failures of our system, may not.

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