Volume 96, No 1, Spring 2024
By Chief Judge Juan R. Sánchez and Sarah Zimmerman [PDF]

The struggle for civil rights has never been black and white; multiracial coalitions have been imperative in fighting for equality under the Constitution. With the creation of the new Hon. Nelson A. Díaz Professorship in Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law has brought important recognition to the role Latinxs have played in this movement. It has spotlighted a trailblazer in the Latinx community and committed to support other leaders who follow in his footsteps. The authors participated in a panel discussion in the Spring of 2023, which celebrated Judge Díaz and Latinx leadership in the law. This Essay will build on that event, detailing Judge Díaz’s legacy of advocacy and service and exploring the many Latinx contributions to the civil rights movement that the Professorship seeks to showcase. With Judge Díaz’s generous gift, Temple has invested in Latinx representation and recognition, broadening our understanding of who fights for our civil rights, and for whom.