B.14: Citing to an Introduction, Foreword, Preface or Epilogue

B.14(a): Full Citation

TLR follows Bluebook 15.6 for full citations.

B.14(b): Short Citations

For short citations, TLR follows Bluebook 15.10.1, treating Introductions, Forewords, Prefaces, or Epilogues as a short work within a collection. If the entire work has been fully cited in a prior footnotes, cite the shorter section as author (roman), title (italicized) in full work name (usually author last name of the full work) (small caps) supra note X, at pincite, where X is the footnote of the full work. Note that this creates a supra cite that itself cites to a supra.


  • Here the full work has been cited in full:
    • 1FERDINAND DE SAUSSURE, COURSE IN GENERAL LINGUISTICS 5 (Wade Baskins trans., Perry Meisel & Haun Saussy eds., 2011).
  • Here is a cite to the Introduction if the Introduction has not yet been cited in full:
    • 5 Perry Meisel, Introduction, in SAUSSURE, supra note 1, at xxiv.
  • Here is a short cite to the Introduction once the Introduction has been cited in full:
    • 8 Meisel, supra note 5, at xix.

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