Rule B.4: Short Citation Form

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TLR generally adheres to The Bluebook for short citation rules. This Red Rule contains several important rules and clarifications that must be followed.

B.4(a): Consistency in Short Citation Form

When The Bluebook offers a number of options to use for a short citation format (e.g., Short Forms for Statutes in Bluebook Rule 12.10), the same short form must be used for all similar sources throughout the article.

B.4(b): Special Short Form Citation Rule for Cases and Statutes Cited in the Main Text

**Please note TLR differs from Bluebook for this rule**

The first time a case name appears in the main text, the full case name should be used, followed by a footnote with the full cite for the case minus the name of the case. The next citation should be a short form citation but not “id.

B.4(c): Short Form Citation with Supra

The Bluebook permits for two different uses of “supra.

  1. The first use is as a short citation to reference legislative hearings, books, pamphlets, reports, unpublished materials, nonprint resources, periodicals, treaties, and decisions of intergovernmental organizations (Bluebook Rule 4.2).
  2. The second use is for internal cross-references (Bluebook Rule 3.5). The Red Rules applicable to internal cross references (see Red Rule B.8 on page 20) are NOT applicable to short citations using supra.

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