Honorable M. Faith Angell: Cognizing the Second Agenda – The Importance of Acknowledging Perspective When Counseling Clients in Employment Law
Volume 82, No. 3, Fall 2009
By The Honorable M. Faith Angell [PDF]

The law is rarely black and white, especially in the realm of employment law. In order to achieve fair outcomes in employment law, particularly in the area of wrongful discharge litigation, a variety of perspectives must be considered both by the parties before the court, and by the court itself. This Article highlights the importance of viewing the law, generally, and an employment benefits dispute, specifically, from a multitude of views. Attorneys who master the ability to view clients’ problems from a compassionate perspective simultaneously inside and outside the realm of blackletter law—that is, attorneys who can serve as counselors equally as well as they serve as lawyers—will maximize both their clients’ and their professional satisfaction.