Foreword; Forward!
Volume 87, No. 4, Summer 2015
By Jonathan C. Lipson, Harold E. Kohn Professor of Law, Temple University—Beasley School of Law [PDF]

The rather odd title of this brief Essay is meant to convey its three goals: (1) to provide a foreword to this Symposium issue of the Temple Law Review, The (Un)Quiet Realist: Reflecting and Building on the Work of Bill Whitford, sketching very briefly Whitford’s career1; (2) to summarize a few highlights from the many stellar contributions in this issue, with an emphasis on their use of Whitford’s work and the larger “Wisconsin” tradition of which it is a part (the state’s motto is “Forward!”); and (3) to touch on what proved to be Whitford’s forward-thinking methodological contributions to empirical legal scholarship.