Alleviating the Power of Secret Evidence: An Analysis of No Fly and Selectee List Determinations and Redress Proceedings
Volume 90, Online, Fall 2018
By Matthew Howell [PDF]

Some notable watch lists are the No Fly List (banning certain individuals from any type of air travel) and the Selectee List (subjecting select individuals to enhanced screening whenever they attempt to travel).

These watch lists, while nominally used to keep track of the identities of certain individuals determined to be potential threats, are also used as a means to curtail certain freedoms, especially the freedom to travel. After Omar Mateen’s recent attack on the Orlando Pulse nightclub, for example, members of Congress considered using the No Fly List and Selectee List as tools to enforce gun control measures, known as “No Fly, No Buy” legislation.

Matthew Howell, J.D. is a 2018 graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law.