Temple Law Review Print
Volume 94, No. 1, Fall 2021

Too many Black persons and other persons of color are dying at the hands of law enforcement, leading many to call for the defunding of police. These deaths were directly caused by excessive use of force by police officers but were also driven by upstream and institutional factors that include structural racism, institutional bias, and […]

By Taleed El-Sabawi, Jennifer J. Carroll [PDF]

This Article queries how the administrative tax guidance used to implement the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has met the normative commitment to democratic legitimacy that often animates general administrative law. This Article argues that several reforms to the tax administrative process that came to fruition in recent years have failed to advance […]

By Clinton G. Wallace, Jeffrey M. Blaylock [PDF]

Appendices for Administering Taxes Democratically?

By Clinton G. Wallace, Jeffrey M. Blaylock [PDF]

“Every day I’m trying to play catch-up,” said Kourtney McGowan—a Black mother from California who became unemployed after her company refused to accommodate her work schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic. McGowan noted that she could not “have [her] son in [her] office for eight hours every day,” and she had no reliable plan for childcare. […]

By James T. Smith [PDF]

This Comment argues that third-party standing is prudential, in contrast to the relabeled zone of interests and generalized grievance rules. Part II.A provides an overview of constitutional and prudential standing doctrines. Part II.B catalogues Justice Scalia’s successful effort to remove the prudential label from the rule against generalized grievances and the zone of interests requirement. […]

By Moira Goodwin [PDF]

This Comment focuses on the discrimination that Arab Americans have faced throughout the history of the United States. It highlights how past and present incidents of discrimination and marginalization demonstrate that Arab Americans have never been afforded the privileges of whiteness and should therefore be granted the benefit of recognition as a distinct group. In […]

By Mona Alsaidi [PDF]