Rule B.3: Pinpoint Citations (“Pincites”)

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B.3(a): Pincites in General

All citations must include a pinpoint citation (“pincite”). However, there are three general exceptions:

  1. When using a “see generally” signal, a pincite is appropriate only where, upon reviewing the source, it appears that a more specific section(s) of the source would be helpful. For example, if pages 189–97 of an article provide particularly helpful background information, include a pincite to those pages. If the entire article is helpful background, do not include a pincite.
  2. A pincite is not needed when the author simply cites to the case itself, rather than a particular proposition in the case.
  3. A pinpoint citation is not required if it is a full citation (minus the case name) following the first textual mention of the case name.

B.3(b): Using Supra and Infra with Pincites

To enhance the helpfulness and accuracy of citations, TLR asks that supras and infras referring to previously full-cited authorities include pincites, per Bluebook Rule 4.2(a)

YES:See Shapiro, supra note 2, at 122.

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