Removing Traumatic Barriers to Learning: The Need for Effective Trauma-Informed Approach to Learning Legislation in Pennsylvania
Volume 92, No. 1, Fall 2019
By Brittany Steane [PDF]

Whether discussing wealthy students from suburban counties or impoverished students from other parts of the state, the Pennsylvania legislature has only recently prioritized supporting schools to meet the needs of students with trauma. This Comment addresses how the Pennsylvania legislature can better equip schools to address the needs of traumatized students. Section II begins with a general overview of trauma and trauma-informed practices and then evaluates the ways that schools address or ignore this problem both in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Section III provides examples of legislative efforts to address this serious societal problem and analyzes how legislation from other states could guide Pennsylvania’s legislature in the necessary amendment of current legislation to meet the needs of traumatized students. These efforts could improve the educational opportunities for all students—not just those who have suffered traumatic experiences.

Brittany R. Steane, M.S.Ed. is a J.D. Candidate, Temple University Beasley School of Law, 2021.