Temple Law Review Print
Volume 96

As surveillance cameras and other ubiquitous devices record more events in the world, appellate courts are being flooded with video and sound recordings, usually in digital form, as part of the record below. Such digital evidence offers substantial potential benefits in proving or disproving facts at trial. But that evidence can also pose associated challenges […]

By Judge Jack M. Sabatino [PDF]

The struggle for civil rights has never been black and white; multiracial coalitions have been imperative in fighting for equality under the Constitution. With the creation of the new Hon. Nelson A. Díaz Professorship in Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law has brought important recognition to the role Latinxs have played in this movement. […]

By Chief Judge Juan R. Sánchez and Sarah Zimmerman [PDF]

Locky, Phoenix, WannaCry, DarkSide, NotPetya, Hades. Do these names sound familiar? They have each touched the lives of individuals across the globe, generated revenues in the seven to eight figures, and managed to stand out in a field crowded with other actors. No, these are not the names of Disney antiheroes. They are not TikTok […]

By Lisa López [PDF]

“Abortion is an immoral, base crime; and he who aids and abets in its commission . . . is guilty of an act involving moral turpitude.” “Moral turpitude” is as redundant as the phrase “ATM Machine.” Morality is folded into the concept of “turpitude.” The term—turpitude—itself is old. Its Latin cognate appears as far back […]

By Mara Poulsen [PDF]